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Articles and Profiles

There have been many news articles and profiles published within the past few months on me, my campaign, and my positions. I have gathered them all here for you to read:

Endorsements reveal political divide in Newton City Council Race
Boston Globe, October 28, 2019
RightSize Newton and Newton Democracy both endorsed many of the opponents in those races: at-large challengers Jennifer Bentley and Tarik Lucas of Ward 2; Pamela Wright of Ward 3; and Paul Coletti in Ward 5. Simon French, the current chairman and treasurer [of Newton Democracy], said in an e-mail that the City Council “should work on behalf of voters, rather than for large, for-profit developers.”
Newton Candidate Profile
Newton Patch, October 23, 2019
"As a woman, I sometimes need to be reminded that my voice is my strength and my power. If I see something wrong or unjust, I always try to use my voice to speak out against it. For example, because I didn't like what I was seeing in City Council chamber I decided to "use my voice" and run for office to raise my objections to what is going on. And if I lose this race, at least I know that I used my voice the best way I could. ”
Meet Newton's Ward 2 City Council Candidates
Boston Globe, October 21, 2019
"City Councilors should advocate for a thoughtful, holistic approach to all of the proposed developments with the goal of benefiting our existing neighborhoods and residents. This plan should address increasing affordable housing options, and weigh the impact of new developments on schools, infrastructure and roads.”
Your Guide to Newton's Upcoming City Council Election
Boston Globe, October 21, 2019

In the citywide races, Newton voters will choose among 21 candidates for 16 open at-large councilor seats on the City Council. Each of the city’s eight wards is represented by a pair of at-large councilors who are elected by citywide vote. In the contested at-large races, Ward 2 challengers Jennifer Bentley and Tarik Lucas will face councilors-at-large Jake Auchincloss and Susan Albright.

City Council Elections - Endorsements
Neighbors for a Better Newtonville, October 2, 2019
"On November 5th, we will elect a new City Council. How they vote will affect our traffic, schools, environment, enormous apartment complexes, and city finances...these candidates hold the same moderate-development views as we do in NBN. ”
RightSize Newton Endorses Candidates for City Council
Boston Globe, September 11, 2019
“RightSize Newton believes that all these candidates will be thoughtful voices for moderate growth and will be advocates for slowing down the mega-projects proposed by developers and favored by some elected officials in Newton,” the group said in the statement.
Newton Grapples With An Identity Crisis
Boston Globe, September 15, 2019
“If the true argument behind having these large developments is increasing affordable housing so people can live and work in Newton, I don’t know if the affordable housing percentage is high enough to justify the amount of traffic and strain on our resources,” said Jennifer Bentley, 45, of West Newton, the director of marketing at an architectural firm. 
Packed Ballot Expected in Newton
Boston Globe, July 25, 2019

That ballot will include 21 at-large City Council candidates, including contested races in wards 2, 3, 5, and 6. At-large positions are elected by citywide vote. Ward 2 Councilors at Large Jacob Daniel Auchincloss and Susan S. Albright will face challengers Jennifer A. Bentley and Tarik J. Lucas.

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