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Get Involved

Would you like to help me 
make a difference in our community?


Volunteer for my campaign!


I have a tough fight ahead of me...and November is a log way off! I need all the help I can get to put up a good fight against two well-known incumbents. I need volunteers can help me spread the word that I am running for City Council and I am the best choice to represent Newton.


The biggest way you can help is to donate funds to my campaign. It is incredibly hard to raise money with such an active race going on. I appreciate every donation...whatever you can give. Please know, that as a fiscally conservative person, I am very careful about what I spend money on...just like I will do  if elected. 


Hosting a house party is an easy way to show your neighbors and friends who you support in the upcoming election. 

All I need is two hours in your house, a group of your closest friends or neighbors, and 10 minutes to tell your guests about how I can represent them best in our City Council. 


Looking for a way to get fresh air and meet your fellow Newtonians?


As a candidate At-Large, I need to gather votes from all over the City...but even I'll admit that 90,000 doors are too much for me to handle!  I am looking for volunteers to help me knock  on doors in various Newton neighborhoods. I'd love for you to help me.


Do you have a lawn on a major thoroughfare? Do you live near a major retail store or well-travelled intersection?

The easiest way to volunteer is to put up one of my lawn signs this fall! Please send me an email and I will add you to my list.!


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